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1. One in Eight Billion

I have a better chance of getting struck by lighting than the happiest man alive picking up the phone and calling me.

2. Logical Perspective

The next logical thing to do is to put out an advertisement for the real Happiest Man Alive to call me.

3. Amanda on the Moon

I decide that the best way to prove he's the Happiest Man Alive is to try his system out on myself.

4. Mining

The first step on the road to happiness is to learn how to mine yourself for diamonds.

5. Good Things

The way to happiness is paved with good things. Will I be able to find the road?

6. Diamonds

I discover a diamond at the bottom of a deep, dark cave. Will I be able to get out of here with it?

8. Black Holes

Amanda dives into a supermassive black hole: the fear of failure. Will she ever emerge?

9. I am not a squirrel

What am I? After being spit out by a black hole, Amanda reassesses, realigns, and starts a new season of Happiest Man Alive podcast. From the top. This season begins with the realization that she is human, not squirrel. Tal gushes about his squirrel...